FEC started in the mid-nineties & targeted both private and public sectors.
Basic businesses were engineering, project management and supervision in buildings and civil works construction, infrastructure, water, bridges and roads, traffic management and all within environmental respect.
FEC success relies on highly qualified engineers and technicians as well as independent confirmed experts...
Today, its strategy revolves around developing its access to national complex missions in partnership with international competency.
Our major clients are:
- Ministry of Public Works .
- Council For Development and Reconstruction.
- Ministry of Energy and water.
- Municipalities.
- Private sector.
- Religious orders.
- Industrial sector.

Managing Director: Fadi Emile Cordahi
Technical Director & Business Development Manager: Samir Emile Cordahi


1. To ensure that the product delivered conforms to the highest engineering standards.

2. To ensure that the product delivered is to the client’s satisfaction.

3. To ensure that in the process of delivering the product, the environmental, safety and engineering standard meet the requirement set by the relevant codes of practices.

4. To ensure that ethics of practice are respected.

5. To ensure that our engineers competency reflects our brand image.